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Dulux Steel Primer

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Key Information




Approx 8 to 10m² per litre per coat

Drying Time

30 minutes



Product Features

General-purpose high quality corrosion resistant primer

Good adhesion to substrate

Suitable for new or hand cleaned rusty surfaces

Non-drip, easy brushing with good flow and levelling properties

No added lead

Product Description

Dulux Primer for Steel is a versatile corrosion resistant primer for use on new or lightly rusted iron and steel.

Application Description

Brush or roller

Health & Safety

For detailed safety information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet. Keep out of reach of children Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Flash point 37ºC.

Dulux Steel Primer TDS.pdf

Tips & Advice

1. Preparing the Surfaces

Suitable for iron and steel surfaces

2. Cleaning

For clean up use Dulux Pre-Paint Brush Cleaner/Degreaser or Mineral Turpentine.

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