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We promise outstanding quality.

Dulux, voted most-loved paint brand, is aware of the importance of offering products that endure the test of time as you beautify your home. Dulux is proud to present the Dulux Promise -a mark of quality and care.

Our mark of quality

The Dulux Promise stands for what Dulux has always promised: outstanding quality underpinned by durability, coverage, and finish.

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When you paint, you want to be sure it will last and stay beautiful for years, if not decades.

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You can be confident in the covering power of our paints.

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When you paint a wall, you expect an exceptional finish.

We promise Durability, Coverage, Finish

Dulux Albertono Road Marking Paint

Dulux EasyCare

Dulux Wood Primer

Dulux Brick Dressing

Dulux Gloss Enamel

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Register your Dulux Promise quality guarantee.

A beautifully painted home can bring comfort, joy, and a sense of pride. Simply register your products within 30 days of purchase for peace of mind. Dulux, we promise that you'll love your home.

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