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4 important things to consider when choosing your paint

1. What type of surface am I painting? Different surfaces require specific types of primers, undercoats, and topcoat paint i.e, metal, wood, plaster, brick etc.

2. Is it a bare surface or has it been painted before? This will determine the paint system needed – the specific type of primer, undercoat and topcoat.

3. Is it an interior or exterior surface? Exterior surfaces require extra protection against environmental factors such as water and UV rays.

4. Is there any sign of damp? Pre-Paint Dampshield prevents deterioration of paint due to rising damp.

Surface preparation

Did you know that correct and adequate surface preparation is just as important as choosing the right paint for the job?

  • Clean surfaces and ensure they are free from dust, oil, grease, dirt and debris
  • Remove any peeling or flaking paint
  • Remove old paint & varnish
  • Fill in any cracks, smooth over any defects
  • Remove any mold, mildew or moss
  • Surface must be thoroughly dry

How to get the perfect finish

Step 1: Make sure the surface is prepared properly and adequately **Step 2: **Prime surfaces that haven’t been painted before Step 3: Use an undercoat for primed or previously coated surfaces (wood, metal) as an intermediate coat **Step 4: **Apply the topcoat, giving the desired finish!

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