Decorate your home Scandinavian style

Recreate the pared-back elegance of Nordic interiors.

Choose clean, crisp colours

Contemporary Nordic style combines modern, blonde-wood furniture with a neutral colour palette to create a feeling of space and serenity. Think clean, crisp hues: light shades of greens and blues, off-white and natural light wood tones, like ash, beech and white pine.

The shades of teal used in this open-plan are not only calm and sophisticated; they also reflect the tranquility of the Scandinavian landscape.

Create contrast with tonal colours

For an easy colour scheme, choose two colours that are a couple of shades apart, such as a mid-strength teal for the walls and a darker shade for the trim. These colours can then be echoed throughout the space through accessories to give the room a cohesive feel.

Accessorise with natural textures

Wood in all its forms is a key part of Scandinavian style. Finish this look with modern Scandinavian furniture in blonde wood like birch featuring clean, minimalist lines.

To create warmth and enhance the peaceful atmosphere, add a few textured accessories, such as a sculptural pendant light and earthy ceramics.

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