Create an elegant open-plan kitchen decor

Decorating a dual-purpose room? This pink and black colour scheme works beautifully for day and night.

From day to night

One of the hardest working spaces in the home, open-plan kitchen-dining areas need to work just as well for daytime living as they do for evening entertaining.

So when it comes to choosing a colour scheme, it’s important to think about how those hues will look for evening dinner parties, as well as being the backdrop for weekday homework sessions.

Serve up a colour palette of style

Here, a muted dusky rose has been paired with strong, bold black. This pink is the perfect cheerful hue for the day, while also creating an elegant atmosphere for evening events. The black helps to balance the pink, ensuring the space remains stylish and sophisticated while still feeling energetic and fun.

Effortlessly elegant

Enhance this elegant colour scheme with furniture and surfaces in a neutral colour palette, such as dark wood cabinetry and metallic work surfaces.

To anchor the look, repeat the dusky pink in your soft furnishings, such as an oriental rug in rose and deep wine red. Accessorise with some fresh flowers and tealight candles – it’s time to start planning your next dinner party!

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