Create a bathroom oasis with grey hues

Turn your bathroom into a tranquil oasis with a warm grey colour scheme that exudes serenity.

Blues may be the customary bathroom hue but if you’d like to create a space that encourages serious pampering, why not try a warm neutral colour scheme of tranquil greys?

Go for grey

Warm shades like slate grey, dark taupe and smoky grey are great shades for bathroom walls. These hues transcend the traditional and create a serene atmosphere with a touch of mystery, while still evoking a ‘lived-in’ feel. Contrast smoky grey walls with warm white tiles for a sophisticated vibe.

Bathing beauty

Heighten the feeling of luxury with textured accessories, like a sisal floor rug that gently massages the feet, antique mirrors to reflect light around the room and plenty of pampering products.

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