Add a splash of sunshine with tropical coral

Introduce shades of pinky-orange coral into your home decor.

Sunny outlook

Gutsy, vibrant and uplifting, coral is a bold paint colour that brings positive energy to any space in your home decor. Ranging from reddish-orange tones through to attractive deep pinks, coral is your secret weapon to creating a home that radiates warmth and energy.

While coral is instantly uplifting, it can also be intense. To calm this bright hue down, combine it with warm off-whites from the colour wheel, such as ivory, camel, beige or cream, or darker neutrals such as chocolate or slate grey.

Colour block

If you’re looking to create an opulent home decor, nothing beats coral combined with shimmering gold, or you could consider colour combinations such as pairing two different shades of coral – one with orange tones and one with reds – to create a daring and dramatic colour-blocked effect.

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