Exterior surfaces need to withstand harsh weather conditions and changing seasons. Explore our exterior product range formulated to add a highly durable and weather resistant coating for various walls, roofs, gutters, garage doors and gates.

Dulux Acrylic PVA

High quality washable matt finish interior and exterior paint

Dulux Aluminium Paint

General purpose high lustre paint for metal and wooden surfaces

Dulux Bonding Liquid

A sealer for penetrating and bonding powdery surfaces

Dulux Brick Dressing

A clear, glossy sealer for brick and stone

Dulux Duco Spray

Versatile, rapid drying aerosol paint for a professional finish

Dulux Easycare

A clear, glossy sealer for brick and stone

Dulux Galvanised Iron Cleaner

Excellent cleaner for galvanised steel and aluminium

Dulux Galvanised Iron Primer

Quality primer for galvanised iron and non-ferrous metals

Dulux Gloss Enamel

Quality enamel for interior and exterior surfaces with a glossy finish

Dulux Pearlglo Waterbased

Superior waterbased enamel for interior and exterior use

Dulux Plaster Primer

Quick drying Primer and sealer for masonry surfaces

Dulux Quick-Dry Enamel

For protecting interior and exterior steel surfaces

Dulux Quick-Dry Primer

Quick dry primer for interior and exterior steel surfaces

Dulux Rainshield

Dulux Rainshield is a membrane free, flexible fibre reinforced waterproofing paint for walls, roofs and parapets.

Dulux Roofguard

Superior durable roof coating with Solarflex

Dulux Steel Primer

Corrosion resistant primer for iron and steel

Dulux Supergrip

Multi-surface waterbased primer with superior adhesion

Dulux Universal Undercoat

Universal undercoat for primed and sealed surfaces

Dulux Wallguard

Durable exterior coating with dirt shedding and mould resistance

Dulux Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing paint developed to be used with mesh membrane

Dulux Weatherguard – Fine Textured

Tough durable exterior wall coating with Maxiflex

Dulux Wood Primer

Oil-based primer for interior and exterior wood surfaces

Dulux Woodgard Interior/Exterior Timbavarnish

General purpose varnish for interior and exterior use

Dulux Woodgard Rubbol

Deep down protection for all exterior wooden surfaces

Dulux Woodgard Timbapreservative

Deep down protection for all exterior wooden surfaces

Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint

A corrosion resistant and decorative coating for metal

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Here are 4 Important things to consider when choosing your paint.

NEW Dulux EasyCare® with Stain Resist Technology

Busy house? Need a refresh? If you’ve been thinking about having room a makeover, why not arm yourself with the durable, washable Dulux Easycare® paint? This tough, endurance paint will keep all those high traffic areas, like your hallway, kids’ bedrooms and kitchen, stain-free for longer.