Planet Possible is the brighter future we can all help create – simply by making smart choices.

We’re working hard to create products that will help us make the world a better place. By 2020 we’re aiming for at least a quarter of our products to be better for you and the environment than the alternatives available, so you can enjoy decorating with a true peace of mind.

Read on to explore the simple ways you can help make our world a more colourful place, and discover how we are helping you to bring that brighter future closer.

Quality without compromise

To us, making high quality products and making a positive difference to the planet are two sides of the same coin. And that means making smart decisions about everything that goes into our products, from the energy and water used to the raw materials that go into each tin of paint. It also means minimising the waste created at the factory and using less fuel to get the paint to you.

Less is more

When you choose to use higher quality Dulux paint, you’ll notice that you need to use less paint to get a great result. Less paint uses less resources – and a more durable finish for you.

Fresh paint, fresher air

We’re also finding clever ways to make our paints nicer to be around. Simply by replacing the solvents traditionally used in paint recipes with water, we’re helping make the air smell fresher and improving air quality for us all.

Less packaging

Whenever we make a change to our packaging, we do our best to ensure the new packaging contains less material than before – and the materials that we use not only come from recycled material, but can also be safety recycled at the end of your painting project.

Brighter Communities

All around the globe we’re using the power of colour and our resources to make a positive difference to people’s lives. The Let’s Colour project is dedicated to renewing spaces and making the world a brighter place, which we do by donating paint to local community painting projects. Our people also get involved, volunteering to clean-up or join in the painting effort.
Find out more about Let’s Colour here.

Longer life

We’re also working hard to make more of our paints washable with longer-lasting finishes so decorating needs to happen less frequently. What kind of paint company wants the world to use less paint? One that believes in Planet Possible.