≈ 10 m²/L
How to calculate

Drying time
Dependent upon temperature and humidity

Product Type: Wood lacquer

Finish: Low Sheen

Size: 1L, 5L

Product Uses:

  • A penetrating wood dressing for the protection of all new exterior wooden surfaces such as windows, doors, barge boards, etc. where a durable water repellent is required.
  • Since Woodgard Timbapreservative is a penetrating type of dressing, previously varnished surfaces must be sanded back to bare (open grain) wood to allow the material to soak properly into the surface.
Dulux Woodgard Timbapreservative

Deep down protection for all exterior wooden surfaces

Woodgard Timbapreservative is a penetrating wood dressing for the protection of all exterior wooden surfaces only.

Special features

Long lasting protection


Number of coats: For new work, apply two and a half coats. • Apply one to two coats for general maintenance.

Preparing the surfaces: Suitable for application to exterior windows, doors, barge boards, etc.

Painting: Brush or conventional spray.

Health and Safety: “Ensure that surfaces are sound and free from dust, dirt, grease and oil. Surfaces must be thoroughly dry – no more than 12% moisture content. Do not apply during cold (below 10°C) or wet weather. Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces – stop nail holes with wood filler. Do not apply to wet or damp timber. Do not attempt to apply so thickly as to form a film – this may blister, blanch or peel off. It is important to treat the end grain of timber to prevent moisture ingress. It is important to adhere strictly to Application Methods, and to allow adequate drying between coats. N.B. WOODGARD TIMBAPRESERVATIVE is not recommended for floors or decking.”

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