≈ 4 m²/L
How to calculate

Drying time

Product Type: Cleaner

Finish: Sheen

Size: 1L, 5L

Product Uses:

  • Removes oil, grease and dirt from new galvanised steel as well as for non-ferrous weathered pre-coated galvanised IBR sheeting.
  • Excellent cleaner for removing “soot” and chalk from aged epoxies.
  • Also suitable for removing stubborn grease and grime from garage floors and around drains.
Dulux Galvanised Iron Cleaner

Excellent cleaner for galvanised steel and aluminium

Dulux Cleaner for Galvanised Iron is an excellent cleaner for non-ferrous surfaces such as galvanised steel and aluminium.

Special features

Washes off easily

Simple to use

Number of coats: n/a – product must be washed off.

Preparing the surfaces: Galvanised Iron surfaces.

Painting: Brush

Health and Safety: “For detailed safety information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet. Keep out of reach of children. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection. Keep out of reach of children. Flash Point 50ºC “

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