≈ 2 m²/L
How to calculate

Drying time
15-30 mins

Product Type: Paint

Finish: Varies with type of product

Size: 300ml aerosol

Product Uses:

  • Particularly recommended for objects which are difficult to paint by brush e.g. baskets, toys and wherever a professional finish is required.
Dulux Duco Spray

Versatile, rapid drying aerosol paint for a professional finish

Ducospray is a versatile, rapid drying aerosol paint for a professional finish.

Special features


Anti-grease protector

Number of coats: n/a

Preparing the surfaces: Wood, metal and any object that is difficult to paint by brush, such as baskets, toys, etc.

Health and Safety: “For detailed safety information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet. Store away from heat and sunlight. Never puncture or burn the can. Even when it is empty, it is still under pressure. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on or near fire. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Flash Point: Approximately 0°C. This product is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE “

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