How to paint furniture like a pro

Does your furniture need a revamp? Learn how to paint furniture like a pro with these expert tips for a professional-looking finish.

How to choose the best paintbrush

Preparing to paint? A good quality paintbrush is your secret weapon to a flawless finish. Learn how to pick the best brush for the job.

How to pick a colour scheme

Based on your colour preference, the lighting and the mood you want to create you can choose a predominant colour.

How to choose a mood for the room

It’s important to think what the room will be used for, and what type of mood you want to create with colours. The Dulux “Language of Colour” can help you decide which kind of look you want to achieve.

How light affects the colour of paint

A colour changes depending on the light and this is the most common reason why a colour scheme that you might have copied from another room or magazine doesn’t look quite the way you had hoped.

The language of colour

Colours have an effect on our emotions as well as our senses and can be used as a valuable way to stimulate, inspire or relax.